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Are Silicone Breast Implants Safe?


Before having any major surgery, it's understandable to have questions and concerns. If you've been interested in breast augmentation but haven't taken the final leap yet because of concerns about the safety of silicone implants, then read this guide to find out how safe they are.

Original Concerns

Silicone breast implants used to be manufactured differently. Breast implants that were manufactured prior to 1992 containing silicone were potentially dangerous if they leaked, as the silicone could spill out and cause problems for surrounding tissues. Even then, this problem was rarely severe, typically only causing some unwanted scar tissue to form and creating the need to surgically extract the implants and remove any remaining silicone. However, since the mid 2000s, this has become far less of an issue because of the way the implants are now manufactured.

Improvements Over Years

Silicone breast implants are now made with an improved shell that helps to avoid leaks and ruptures. Surgical techniques have also improved, reducing the risk of damaging the implant when it's being inserted. By avoiding this problem, the shell remains fully intact and can last for years under normal conditions. Of course, it's still possible for any breast implant to be damaged enough to cause a tear or leak, but outside of severe incidents like car accidents or having a breast punctured, it shouldn't be an issue.

New Methods

There are also newer forms of silicone implants that reduce the risk of this being a problem even more. Often referred to as 'gummy bear' breast implants, these types of silicone implants are made with a thicker, solid form of silicone, rather than the liquid form used in older implants. This not only gives a more realistic shape and feel to the breast once the implant is in place, but it also ensures that no leaks will occur. In the event that this type of implant is damaged, the silicone will remain in place, and none of it will be absorbed into the body.

Alternatively, you might consider trying another type of implant, like a saline-filled one. Saline is perfectly harmless to the body, so in the rare event of a rupture or damage, the saline will simply be absorbed. Saline is the same stuff that's put into IVs when you need fluids, so it's really quite harmless to you.

If you're interested in breast implants, then you should go for it with these things in mind. If you still have concerns or need more questions answered, get in touch with a breast implants surgeon to find out more.


24 September 2021