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This Is Why You Can'T Seem To Get Tight Abs After Losing Weight


Losing excess weight is a huge accomplishment and wonderful for your health. But if you haven't been able to achieve the look you want, and your stomach seems flabby no matter what you do, it's something you likely need help with. This is why your stomach won't firm up and what you can do about it.

Excess Tissue

The first reason is that you likely have stretched skin. This is particularly common when you gain weight suddenly, like due to pregnancy or from stress eating. When you put on weight slowly, the body develops new skin to house the extra fat. But if you put on the weight faster than your body can keep up, microtears can develop in the skin. This is what stretch marks are.

This type of skin is damaged and doesn't bounce back no matter what you do in the gym or with your diet. While parts of your stomach that are covered with healthy skin will likely start to shrink and firm up over time, you may always have a poochy belly as long as this damaged skin remains.

Stretched Muscle

Another reason for your problem is similar to the stretched skin. Muscle fibers are also designed to gradually increase in size if needed. However, muscles that are stretched too much don't always snap back once the pressure from being pushed on by extra weight is gone. So even if the loose skin on your belly completely tightens up, your stomach may still look flabby because the muscles aren't as tight as they used to be.

What to Do

Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot that a person can do about this from the comfort of their own home. While exercise and continued weight loss can help somewhat, you may never have the flat or concave belly that you're looking for without outside help.

The good news here is that a cosmetic surgeon can easily assist with this problem. Tummy tuck procedures are designed especially for people who have this problem.

The tummy tuck removes excess skin and stitches it back together, creating a tighter, firmer-looking abdomen. But it doesn't stop there, either. Tummy tucks also take into account damaged and stretched muscle tissue by removing the damaged stretched parts and connecting the healthy muscle tissue back together again.

Undergoing surgery isn't something that anyone should take lightly, but this procedure is performed regularly by surgeons all over the world and is quite safe. After you fully recover from the procedure, your belly will be flatter, firmer, and more toned-looking. It'll also be more responsive to future exercise, so any effort you put into trying to have toned abs will show.

If you are interested in learning more about tummy tuck surgery, feel free to contact a cosmetic surgeon to learn more.


29 July 2020