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Three Good Reasons To Choose Saline Implants


There are a lot of specifics to consider when choosing breast implants. The size, shape, material, and substance inside are all important decisions, and it can be tricky to decide what you want. If you're currently in this situation, there are several good reasons why you should opt for saline implants. Here are a few of them.

Leaks are Harmless

Breast implant leaks are admittedly rare. Improvements in the external material of the implants over the years have helped to prevent this from happening, as well as regular examinations and inspections with plastic surgeons. However, in rare instances, it can still happen.

In these cases, saline implants are the easiest to recover from and pose no major health risks. Saline is, after all, simply a saltwater solution, which is reabsorbed into the body if a leak occurs. If you were to ever find yourself in this situation with saline implants, you could rest easy knowing that there is no risk of toxicity.

Distant Incisions

Another big advantage of saline implants is how you have them placed in your body.

Traditionally, implants require creating an incision on or around the breast. The problem with this is that many women don't want to have any marks left behind that would potentially indicate that they've had implants put in. If you consider yourself to be one of them, then saline implants are a better choice for you than silicone.

Saline implants can be filled after they're placed in the body. This makes them the ideal candidate for being placed with long-distance surgical procedures. This procedure is called a trans-umbilical breast augmentation, with a small incision placed on or around the navel. The implant, while deflated, is then threaded up to the area where it will rest in the breast and is inflated with saline once it's in place. This results in no scarring on or around the breast and makes it much easier to obfuscate the fact that you've gotten implants.


Finally, saline implants can be adjusted to an extent. Traditional silicone implants only come in pre-set sizes, so you need to be really sure that you get the size that you want. However, since saline implants can have their size adjusted once they're in place, you have more control over the final shape and size that you end up with.

If you have questions about breast augmentations, make sure to voice your questions to your doctor and surgeon. That's what they're there for!


20 March 2019