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How To Get Back Your Youthful Bust Without Increasing Its Size


As women age, it's quite common for them to lose volume and perkiness in the bosom. While an unfortunate fact of life, that doesn't mean that anyone needs to live with it if they don't want to. If you wish that you still had the perkier bust of your youth but aren't interested in increasing your breast size, here's how breast augmentation can help you in ways that might surprise you.

Why Sagging Happens

First of all, it's important to understand why your chest has sagged or become less full.

As people age, tissues like the skin become stretchier due to a loss of collagen and muscle strength. This creates a saggier look all on its own, but on top of that, volume is often lost in the bust due to a loss of mammary gland volume. When women's hormones change over time, the mammary glands tend to shrink, which can make the bust look less full even if you don't lose weight.

Replacing Lost Tissue

The shrinking mammary gland is actually the reason why a plastic surgeon can potentially help you to restore your look without expanding upon it.

With women who have full and young busts, adding an implant increases upon what they already have. However, if you're older and have available, empty breast tissue because you've lost volume over time, an implant can fill out that space the way it once was. Adding an implant in this situation will restore you to where you were before you lost volume, but not beyond it if that's what you want.

What to Expect

For implant procedures like these, it's quite common to choose a transumbilical implant. This implant is threaded in under your skin and up to the breast tissue. This allows your surgeon to perform the procedure without causing any incision scars near the breast.

Once the implant is where it's going to go, your surgeon can then begin to inflate it with saline. This allows them to decide exactly how much is going to go into the implant and to adjust as necessary to get the look you want. Instead of using a pre-made implant, this allows your surgeon to make minor tweaks as they go along so that you don't feel like you've had your breast size increased, but just restored.

Getting breast implants doesn't always mean getting larger breasts. If you want to restore what you once had, talk to a surgeon to get started today.


16 January 2019