Learning About Tattoo Removal

Hello, my name is Molly. When I was a young teen, I thought it was unendingly cool to tattoo myself with band quotes and interesting symbols. I did not care about placement or ink spread. In fact, I did not worry about the impact of those tattoos at all. Unfortunately, upon graduating college, I was covered in tattoos that were making it difficult to find a job in my field. Luckily, I was able to undergo tattoo removal procedures to remove the ink from my body. I will use my website to help other people understand the process of having their tattoos professionally removed. Please visit again soon.

What Can You Expect After You Have Had Liposuction?


You may have decided along with your doctor that having liposuction surgery is the best way to remove any additional fat that you might have. This could be located around your abdomen, your neck, or even your arms or legs. It isn't considered a weight loss tool, but rather a way to help remove excess fat that might be difficult to get rid of.

What can you expect to happen after you have had liposuction surgery? Here are some things to be aware of.

Will There Be Pain?

As with any type of surgery you can expect to experience some level of discomfort or pain once you have had liposuction. The pain level will vary from person to person as well as their tolerance level for pain in general.

In the majority of cases, the pain should not feel any worse than having a large bruise within the area that you had the surgery. It should not interfere with your daily activities nor prevent you from relaxing or enjoying a walk or doing anything else you might like to do.

If you follow your doctor's orders and take the time to heal and recover, for example, taking the time to rest in bed or not doing anything strenuous until you heal, you should have no adverse pain.

When Will You See the Results?

You may not see much results from the procedure right away. This is due to the significant swelling that usually occurs after liposuction has been done. This swelling can last for several months and until it goes down, you will not be able to see any results of the procedure.

The initial swelling does begin to lessen fairly quickly and you are most likely going to need to wear a compression band or piece of clothing for the first few weeks. This will help to minimize swelling and it will also help with pain levels.

Can You Expect Scars?

The areas in which liposuction are done usually show very minimal scarring. This is due to the incision site being very small because of the fact that modern-day tools used in the procedure don't require large tubes or needles. Typically your doctor will also try to perform the procedure in areas in which can be hidden easily as well, such as within natural creases or folds on your body.

Will Your Skin Be Tighter?

While liposuction does remove fat stores in certain areas of your body and can be used in conjunction with weight loss treatments, it will not tighten up the skin surrounding the area in which the fat was stored. The only way to treat excess skin in those areas is to have procedures done to remove that skin, such as a tummy tuck or an arm lift.


9 July 2018