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Getting Facial Plastic Surgery? 2 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making


If you are like most people, you might assume that your upcoming plastic surgery will be a breeze. However, before you chalk up your time away from work as a simple vacation, it is important to keep in mind that plastic surgery is still major surgery—and you need to treat it as such. Here are two mistakes you should avoid making after your surgery so that you can avoid complications:

1: Heading Back To Work Too Quickly

If you are comfortable with the people you work with, you might not think twice about heading into work with a few bandages or a nose cast. However, returning to work early might not give your body enough time to recover, which can create some very real complications.

During surgery, your doctor might reattach muscles, dissect your facial skin away from the bone in some places, or even place grafts that need to heal. These surgical procedures can create bleeding, bruising, and swelling after surgery—which is why you need rest. When you sleep, your body works hard to repair itself, so that you can heal without problems. Sleep and relaxation can also reduce your blood pressure, which can speed healing.

To stay on the safe side, experts recommend taking enough time off of work and planning for downtime. If you are having a facelift, plan on taking at least two weeks off of work. Find childcare for your kids so that you won't have to worry about preparing meals or entertaining other people. If possible, make your meals ahead of time so that you can enjoy healthy, homemade dinners without leaving your home. It might take a little planning, but resting properly after your procedure might make a huge difference.

2: Stopping Medications Early

If you don't like to take medications, you might be tempted to stop taking those pills early—even if your doctor asked you to take them regularly. Unfortunately, ignoring those medications might cause excessive pain, fluid buildup, or even infections.

If your doctor prescribes antibiotics, take the entire course—even if you feel like you have completely healed. To avoid finding yourself in extreme pain, try to take medications preemptively. For example, create a schedule or a timer on your phone, so that you can enjoy audible reminders to take your medicine. In addition to making your recovery more comfortable, taking medications according to your doctor's orders might help him or her to troubleshoot surprise issues such as infections or swelling—since they know what you have been taking. 

By doing the right things following surgery, you will be able to stay safe, healthy, and comfortable. Visit a center like Hecht Aesthetic Center if you require facial plastic surgery.


4 November 2015