Learning About Tattoo Removal

Hello, my name is Molly. When I was a young teen, I thought it was unendingly cool to tattoo myself with band quotes and interesting symbols. I did not care about placement or ink spread. In fact, I did not worry about the impact of those tattoos at all. Unfortunately, upon graduating college, I was covered in tattoos that were making it difficult to find a job in my field. Luckily, I was able to undergo tattoo removal procedures to remove the ink from my body. I will use my website to help other people understand the process of having their tattoos professionally removed. Please visit again soon.

3 Spa Treatments That Can Make Your Skin More Youthful And Supple


If you suffer from dry skin or just feel like your face is lacking radiance, it may be time to hit the spa. Fine lines, sagging skin, and lack of moisture can make you feel like your face is lacking in youthful appeal. Luckily there are non-invasive spa treatments available that can help boost collagen and give you more even, younger-looking skin. Here are 3 spa treatments you can try to make your skin more supple and youthful.


Microdermabrasion is a spa treatment that uses a high-powered facial wand and tiny crystals to gently remove the outermost layer of the skin. The most common form of microdermabrasion is diamond-dip microdermabrasion. This treatment takes off the dead, dry skin that is giving you trouble and reveals healthier, new skin underneath. The treatment is largely painless and non-irritating, and promotes collagen growth and even skin tone. You may notice fine lines looking less severe and a more firm, plump appearance to your skin after a single treatment.

Chemical peel

A chemical peel is great for your skin if you suffer from acne scars, fine lines, and dull skin. The treatment uses a safe acid, such as carbolic or lactic acid, to gently give you a miniature face lift. A chemical peel works to achieve the same results as microdermabrasion does, and encourages new cell and skin growth while removing the damaged surface skin. Keep in mind that a chemical peel can result in facial peeling for a few days after treatment, and sun sensitivity can also occur.


A dermaroller treatment may seem a bit archaic and even painful, but the results can be major in achieving a more youthful appearance. Using a roller embedded with thousands of tiny surgical steel needles, an esthetician gently prods your skin's surface, which naturally encourages collagen and elastin growth. This is a fine treatment for you to consider if you have many wrinkles or sagging skin you want to help reverse. Many people choose to get this 'skin needling' treatment as an alternative to a more extensive (and expensive) face lift.

If you are wanting to rejuvenate your skin but you don't know exactly how you can do so, your local spa can help you out. There are treatments available that are not invasive or time-consuming while giving you the more youthful results you want. Consider a dermaroller treatment, mircodermabrasion, or even a chemical peel the next time you visit your local spa for a massage or other pampering. You just may find yourself with more youthful, supple skin. Contact a professional like Merkel William D MD for more information.


4 November 2015